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Spina Bifida Association of Kentucky

Who We Are

Spina Bifida Association of Kentucky is a non-profit organization serving all of Kentucky and thirteen counties of southern Indiana. Our mission is to promote the prevention of Spina Bifida and to enhance the lives of all affected. Spina Bifida is a nueral tube birth defect caused when there is incomplete closing of the backbone and membranes around the spinal cord. There are three main types: spina bifida occulta, meningocele, and myelomeningocele.

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What We Do

At SBAK, we host fundraisers and events to be able to fund our programs. All programs for individuals with Spina Bifida and their families are free to the attendees or paid for by our scholarships. In addition to holiday parties and summer picnics, we host play groups for children ages 0-6 called Play Pals, then ages 7-15 are part of our newest four part mini-series called "Growing Up with Spina Bifida". Teens and adults 16+ are active in our Adult socials and Education series, including webinars and conferences. 

We are seeking volunteers in the Paducah area to assist with our social events hosted each year at Bob Noble Park, March 20th for our Easter Egg Hunt, we need volunteers to help hide eggs and to play games or run activities for the children with Spina Bifida and their families. On October 1st, we will host our 2nd annual Walk N Roll in Paducah and need volunteers to decorate the walking path and picnic shelter, as well as assisting with activity stations and picnic lunch. 

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Contact Information

Address Information
982 Eastern Pkwy
box 18
Louisville, KY 40217
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-4pm + weekend events
Contact: Cindy Pryor
Contact Title: Program Coordinator
Phone: 502-637-7363
Fax: 502-637-1010
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